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VID: Empty Rooms (J2, PG)

Title: Empty Room
Performed By: Every Avenue
Ship Jared/Jensen AU
Summary: AU. In the year 2025, Jared Padalecki gathers his daughter and son to tell them the story of how he met their father. Rewind back twenty years to the past, Jensen and Jared are best friends making a living in Hollywood. Through their tight knit group of friends and some difficult stumbling blocks on the way, Jared and Jensen learn to laugh at life, themselves and most importantly Chad. Everything seems perfect on the surface until feelings get involved. Inspired by finn21's "This Temporary Life", which was written for the 2009 spn_j2_bigbang.
Warnings: Chad-free. Sorry! Warnings for drinking, poker, puppies and implied Olsen twins. Sort of.

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Thanks so much to finn21 for creating this adorable story! I'd never heard of the band before, and now I can't stop playing them, which is a fantastic side effect for projects like this. Fic will be up soon - just had to post this so it was available when she needed it to link to.
Good and Bad Sides II
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FIC: The One Where Harry & Hermione Run After Draco

To celebrate the births of mctabby's cats, she hosts an annual drabble-a-thon, and this year, I decided to participate, because last year I was busy recouperating from a post-birth headache and thus was quite miserable. This year, I plotted it out on the beach while watching my daughter play in the sand, so what was supposed to be 100 words turned into about 1100 words - meep, that's what happens when you don't write at all in over a year! - so I've posted it here Collapse )

Oh, and sharp_tongue wrote a wonderful ficlet for me! Thanks so much for it!
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VID: Tall Cool One (SPN, PG-13)

Title: Tall Cool One

Song by: Robert Plant

Rating: PG-13

Ships: Sam/Various Women, subtextual Sam/Dean

Spoilers through 4.22

Summary: Sammy Winchester strolls. He jumps. He's hot and he's a tease. He's a tall cool one, and he's built to please.

Created for yourlibrarian as part of livelongnmarry.

How to Watch: Imeem isn't embedding anymore, and YouTube hates my audio track, but you can watch it here or download it from megaupload in high res or low-res versions.
Still the Prettiest 2, Still the Prettiest 3
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VID: Rehab (PG-13, Gen, major spoilers for 4.21!)

So this morning, roguebitch did a one-line review of SPN 4.21 that was basically a request/inspiration for a vid, and I had a few hours to spare (I didn't really need to go to the gym, did I?) so I sat down and made the vid, which I hope means good things for my vidding mojo as I have six different, sensational, fun vid commitments between now and the end of June!

The vid has SPOILERS through SPN 4.21. You have been warned.

Title: No, no, no (Rehab)
Song by: Amy Winehouse
Rating: PG-13.
Spoilers through 4.21. Seriously, do not watch this until you've seen 4.21
Summary: Would be spoilery for 4.21. But if you've seen 4.21, you probably don't need a summary.
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Download it!
Low-res on megaupload
Medium-res on megaupload
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VID: Always Keep an Edge on Your Knife

Title: Always Keep an Edge on Your Knife
Song by: The Corb Lund Band
Rating: PG-13. Gen.
Spoilers for all episodes of Supernatural through 4.14. Yes, there is actually at least one clip from every single episode of SPN in this vid.
Summary: A few words of advice from the Winchesters - and the Corb Lund Band. Basically, a good sharp edge is a man's best hedge against the vague uncertainties of life.
Created for la_perkins & friends as part of Sweet Charity (Fall, 2008).

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Watch it on YouTube (I reommend selecting the HD version and letting the vid load before watching, so it doesn't lag)

Download an iPod-friendly version

Download or watch a medium-resolution version

Note: This video was ridiculously fun to edit. From the first time I heard the song, courtesy of la_perkins, I knew it would be adorably Winchestery, but it wasn't until I started working on it that I knew that it had to have clips from every single episode of SPN to date. But culling about 60 hours of Show into a three minute video was a bizarre and fascinating challenge, because it meant that sometimes I could pull the essence of a moment of Show, and other times the moment I was taking from a certain episode was almost at random - there's just over one second of Impala from S1 around the two-minute marker and I think I want to give a prize to the person who's the first to figure out which episode it comes from.


I have a spare copy of the S2 Companion book - and I'll get it signed by the person of the winner's choice at Eyecon this month. So yeah - first person to figure out which S1 episode the one-second clip of the Impala comes from wins it. :D I am crossposting this, so only posts on my pear_vodka livejournal count.

Thanks so much to roguebitch, deirdre_c, sabaceanbabe and la_perkins herself for insightful beta comments and squee!
Still the Prettiest, BetterElsewhere
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VID: Titanic Days (aka My Heart Will Go On, The Re-Soundtracking) SPN PG-15

Title: Titanic Days (aka My Heart Will Go On: The Re-Soundtracking)
Song by: Screaming Jets (covering Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On)
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: Dean/Anna
Spoilers for 4.09 and 4.10
Summary: Anna's existence is about to change forever, but she'll keep her memories of Dean Winchester in her heart as long as she can.

Download it here on Megaupload

Watch it: here on YouTube or Collapse )

Title is from a song by Kirstie MacColl - it just felt right.

ETA: Speaking of things that feel right badwrong, thanks to stormcloude for finding Collapse )
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Fic: Twizzle Me! (J2, PG)

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ze_pink_lady posted them, and I had never seen them before! But they remind me of something Jared said a few years ago, that when they told him that he'd be working with Jensen Ackles in SPN he said he'd had Jensen's poster on his wall - I bet ( : slips into RPS mode) ....

When Jared said he had posters of Jensen before they met for Supernatural, he was referring to these those Christmas photos with Kristen, because Jensen Plus Candy/Sweets had been impossible for Jared to resist. When they moved in together this summer, Jensen finally found the photos where Jared had folded them and tucked them into a random cookbook in the kitchen, so for the last few months, Jensen's been planning a way to re-create the photos for Jared and with Jared for their first Christmas where they're completely together.

Ordering a massive gingerbread house that's detailed with Twizzlers of all flavors and sizes, whipped cream frosting around the windows and rainbow-candy-belt curtains, especially on the sly, wasn't an impossible challenge - it's a terrific perk of having on-set caterers and a day of filming while Jared is in LA (with Jeff, the cheat) but getting it into his nominal bedroom on Christmas Eve is a complicated task.

Keeping the dogs from eating it when they get home from a run with Jared is, unfortunately, impossible, but they only get a few bites off it before Jared manhandles them out of the room and shuts the door. He's sweaty cold and there are snowflakes melting on his eyebrows, eyelashes and bangs but Jensen doesn't mind as Jared pushes his ass against the roof and pulls his black turtleneck off, then smashes their mouths together as he says, "Yum."
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VID: Dirty Creature (SPN, PG, Dean/Shapeshifter UST (sort of))

Title: Dirty Creature
Song by: Neil & Tim Finn (Split Enz)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Dean/Shapeshifter UST. Sort of.
Spoilers through: 4.05 (Monster Movie)
Summary: Sam and Dean deal with a dirty creature - but is he chasing Jamie the Bar Wench, or Dean Winchester? There's action, flirtiness and some meta in a four-minute package.
Download it on Megaupload or watch it here on YouTube or Collapse )

Dedicated to everyone who's home this weekend and not enjoying the fun at Winchestercon, especially everyone at win_non_con!

Note: This vid is part of the FinnProject, in which I am doing a vid for each episode set to a different Finn-penned song. I'm still working on the vids from 4.02, 4.03 and 4.04....
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VID: Part of Me, Part of You (SPN, PG, Gen)

Title: Part of Me, Part of You
Song by: Neil & Tim Finn (Crowded House, Split Enz)
Rating: PG, Gen
Spoilers through: 4.01
Summary: "Always in my blood, forever in my eyes..." That's Sam and Dean Winchester, especially now.
Download it on Megaupload or watch it here or Collapse )

Note: This vid is part of the Finn-chesters Project that I'm hoping to do this season re Supernatural - I want to make a vid for each episode set to a different Finn-penned song. This is the first entry in that project.