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VID: Romeo & Juliet (Sam/Dean, PG, Spoilers through 5.22)

Click the pic to view the vid! (YouTube blocked embedding, sigh)
Title: Romeo & Juliet
Song: A cover of Dire Straits' "Romeo & Juliet", performed by The Killers
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Through the last second of the fifth season finale. Do not watch this video unless you've seen that episode, or want to be spoiled.

Created for
deirdre_c for her birthday!</b>

I've wanted to do this vid since the episode aired, but my vidding mojo had been completely suppressed in the run-up to Infinitus - since it finished, I've completed two vids and started three more, so yay for mojo return!

But it wasn't until I actually started working on it that I realised that the timing of the final shot in Season Five actually matches up perfectly with the timing of the song! The streetlight, stepping out of the shade and then the "you and me, babe" bits? I didn't have to change anything about the timing - it just matched like Dark Side of the Moon matches to The Wizard of Oz.
Tags: classic rock, supernatural, vid: supernatural, winchesters
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