heidi∞ (heidi8) wrote in pear_vodka,

Testing something

Well, it's all well and good to play on my own LJ to test things for help_haiti, but I sorta need to test things in a community as well.

So please post here with whatever you wish - your fave link of the week, your thoughts on the whole Jay Leno vs Conan O'Brien situation, what movie you're most looking forward to this year, whatever.

Reply to other people, too. It'll help the testing process.

And I just wish LJ had a "screen all comments to this entry" option, because that would make this SO much easier. It's still going to be do-able. But less easily.

ETA- comments are going to be screened starting at 8:51 for a few minutes...

ETA2 - screening now turned off!

ETA3 - testing done, and I think I have a plan....

ETA4</a> Testing again at 11:42.
Tags: testing
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