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De-spoilered version of AcedMagazine interviews with Sera, Ben, Eric, Jim and Misha:

Sera on the Winchesters: We left the brothers at such odds. Sam started the apocalypse, that's a pretty tough place to fight back from...

Misha on Castiel: I have a tendency to always see the characters that I am playing as good guys in some ways. While I was playing [serial killer Paul Bernardo] I felt like all of his actions were justified, so playing a dark angel, it doesn't feel like any of his actions are unjustifiable. He has a conscience and he's trying to save the world. His motives are good.

Sera on [something]: Last season we had some funny episodes, but at times the show was almost suicidally dark.

Misha on fandom: The fans of Supernatural seem to have a lot of opinions about the show. If anything is slightly off or slightly wrong, they tell us. I think that everybody involved in the show has a part of their brain that is constantly going, 'Oh, I hope the fans don't hate this!'I think there's a tiny part of our brains that is constantly thinking about what the fans' reactions are going to be.

Ben on storytelling: When we are suffering from lack of ideas there is so much lore to look through! I feel like we covered the classic monster movie stuff, except for on a thematic level.

Eric on the show's setting: I'm from Ohio and I find the midwest deeply beautiful and deeply eerie -- paint-peeling farmhouses and thick woods are beautiful and ominous in a way that's uniquely American, not the creaky castles or Japanese horror. It was something unique to the midwest and I feel the midwest needed some proper representation.

Eric on Season Six: I never dreamt that I would have a show that would go beyond five years, which is why I think I was so adamant and now that I'm looking down the barrel, I'm like the chick in a teen movie taking off her glasses and, "Wow, people want to dance with me!" But I'm in the middle of breaking Episode Six right now and have such an Everest climb in front of me, I'm just worried about getting on top of this mountain.

Sera on Season Six: We always assume it's the final year and we always have a plan for a next season, and for a finale. Eric had a five-year story arc when he came in and pitched [Supernatural] which is a lot more than others have ... but up until last season, there's never been a season where we knew at all if we were going to have anything to come back to.

Jim on Comic-Con circa 1985: It has grown quite a bit. [Then] it was me and about twelve other guys and they could've held the entire convention in this room. Now, it's a small city -- maybe not that small. I would love to just go and spend two or three days walking the floor and looking at all the tables, and I can't really do that.

Misha on meditation: I don't go to Nepal every year but I go to a monastic retreat where it's just silence. I sit and meditate in silence for ten days and don't talk to anybody but myself. It recharges me. It gives me a sense of meaning, and focuses my mind. You always learn something about yourself when you spend ten days alone with yourself. I feel like we have a purpose on the planet, which is a nice feeling to have.

I asked Misha Collins about running for the Neighborhood Council for his community in LA , and here's what he said, once he boggled at the PDF I had on my computer, and asked, "How the hell did you find that?"

"I briefly considered running for neighborhood council for LA - I withdrew my application after I went to one of the meetings and it was the most tedious, boring hour-and-a-half of my life, so I withdrew my candidacy, and I almost won in spite of that ... fifty one votes!

Yes, he did congratulate me for finding "the most obscure thing with [his] name on it on the Internet.

The day before our Supernatural interviews, I asked Russell Davis about his comment to EW.com's Michael Ausiello, in which he said Torchwood fans who were upset about a character's death on that show should go watch Supernatural. Russell told me the reason he'd named Supernatural was because it's a fantastic, well written, show where "death is not permanent" -- and where the lead actors are fantastically talented and gorgeous. I talked with Ben Edlund about Russell's comments a bit:

"Is that a compliment or not? I think so ... Death is not one of the edges of the box that we're working with. Yes, we've had characters come back so many times from the dead, and we've established this purgatory waiting room and re-assemble-yourself aspect of hell. We've already decided that if this show is going to continue these two guys are going to stay alive, by hook or by crook, and if they die then it's going to be about these two guys in the afterlife and we will be with them. It's not one of the key dramatic urges for the viewers to feel like he's going to die or not. Our discussion is living with angst, living with fear, living with all the things that require catharsis. Supernatural is a non-stop nightmare. Those men and their dreams are thwarted every week."
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