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VID: Do or Do Not & There Is No Try (Ring of Fire) for SPN_J2_BigBang

Title: Do or Do Not
Created for: __tiana__'s Do or Do Not, created for the 2009 spn_j2_bigbang
Set to: Theme from Star Wars

Title: There Is No Try (Ring of Fire)
Set to: Adam Lambert's live version of Ring of Fire

When I first read __tiana__'s fic, we spent a lot of time discussing what songs fit best into the 'verse, and to the themes and plot and concepts of the store, and you wouldn't necessarily think that an Adam Lambert cover of a Johnny Cash song would be absolutely perfect - perhaps you might think that it would give Dean the shivvers, and not in a good way. But the fic is an AU from Show, and the song is actually weirdly perfect and the boys are just guh and somehow it all felt like it fit together. Hope you see it that way, too.
Tags: au, supernatrual, winchester brothers
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